Phd Students

Meng Ling-shen (孟令屾)



My name is Meng Ling-shen, a student from PKU CCME. It’s my pleasure to be a member of Tang lab.

Xuzheng Wang(王旭正)



I’m Xuzheng Wang. Graduated from Xiamen University, I joined Tanglab in 2020. Now I am studying in College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Peking University. It’s a great honor to meet everyone in Tanglab.

Chen Jingru (陈镜如)


Hi, I’m Chen Jingru, I completed my undergraduate study in physics at Central China Normal University, and now I am studying for a PhD at Peking University. Tanglab is a laboratory full of passion, creativity and love, I’m going to be a hot-wired, heat-seeking person, riding the wave, pushing the envelope in a sea of interdisciplinary subjects. I will make every effort to perform my duty, make my own contribution, and grow with Tanglab family side by side.

Zihan Li(李梓焓)



Hello, I’m Zihan Li, an undergraduate student from Peking University, and now a member of Tang’s Lab. I’m pleased to work together with senior schoolmates in Tang’s Lab, and I’m ready to do more researches in solution NMR and protein dynamic structures.

Xinyuan Lu(卢信源)

Hello, my name is Xinyuan Lu, and I graduated from PKU CCME with a bachelor’s degree in 2021. I’m honored to have been accepted into Tang Lab to pursue a Ph.D. My present research focuses on the development of probes for solvent paramagnetic relaxation enhancement (sPRE).


Kai Pei(裴凯)


I am Kai Pei. I graduated from Hua Zhong Agriculture University. I am major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Now I work in Tang Lab as a research assistant.

Yida Jiang(江意达)


Hi, I’m Yida Jiang, graduated in PKU CCME, and continue my Ph.D. degree in Tang Lab. My recent work will be posted on

Xinghe Zhang(张兴赫)


My name’s Zhang Xinghe. Majored in chemistry, I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Wuhan University. In the next five, or at least five years, I wish to make some ferocious activity (zhěng diǎn hěn huó) in the field of biological physics, protein characterization especially.

Yuhao Li(李煜昊)


I’m Yuhao Li . I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from Peking University at 2022. And now I am continuing my career in PKU CCME and studying from my PhD in Tang lab. It’s a great pleasure to do my research in such a passionate and fun team.

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